Don’t Buy Stuff (Caveat: Buy This Theme)


That’s a photo of The Mins. We’re SPYR. We designed and developed The Mins website. Now we designed and developed tru. Today you can buy tru. High hair not included.

I’m speaking in short sentences. There’s no apparent reason. This is filler. Nobody will read this. But if you do read this. I’m sorry. Carry on. That is all. No more post. Why exactly are you still reading? That’s it. Finished. Finito. Please stop. You can go now. Click here. Or here. Goodbye. Sayonara. This is getting awkward. It’s time. Please go. There’s more internet to be read. I’m through here. You hang up. No, you hang up. No, you. Fine, on 3. One. Two. Three… You didn’t hang up. Fine. I’ll have to. This is the last word. Or maybe this. Nope. I got it. This will be it. Antelope.

Or not.